Friday, October 9, 2009

It's a Quiz!

Our sweet babysitter sent me a text on Wednesday as follows, "Who is quark? Benton talks about him all the time!"

Choice A - Lovely quartz crystal.

Choice B - Quacking duck.

Choice C - Uncle Clark!

Clark is a college basketball coach and I stole this picture from his team website. The one above was on the site last year during season. Benton LOVES basketball and asks to check the computer regularly to see the pictures. "See Uncle Quark! See Uncle Quark!" When this picture pops up, Benton responded, "No, Quark yelling. I want Quark not yelling."

So, Choice D - Quark not yelling.

Let the games begin! Go Eagles!


Colleen said...

So cute "Quark" - I was gonna choose the duck :)

Lerin said...

So cute!