Friday, October 9, 2009

It's a Quiz!

Our sweet babysitter sent me a text on Wednesday as follows, "Who is quark? Benton talks about him all the time!"

Choice A - Lovely quartz crystal.

Choice B - Quacking duck.

Choice C - Uncle Clark!

Clark is a college basketball coach and I stole this picture from his team website. The one above was on the site last year during season. Benton LOVES basketball and asks to check the computer regularly to see the pictures. "See Uncle Quark! See Uncle Quark!" When this picture pops up, Benton responded, "No, Quark yelling. I want Quark not yelling."

So, Choice D - Quark not yelling.

Let the games begin! Go Eagles!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Molasses Madness

This weekend, we went to vist my aunt and uncle on their farm in Missouri. My uncle plants sugar cane and then uses it to make homemade molasses. My aunt makes homemade soup and yummy apple cobblers. They've done this for a while now, so lots of family and friends come for the day to help, watch and eat!

My uncle uses this cool old cane press and his prize Belgian horses to squeeze the juice from the cane stalks. We got there too late to see the horse, so the kids had to pretend. Then he cooks the juice for about eight hours. He stays by it all the time and skims off the yucky stuff. When it starts getting sticky and sweet he pours it through a strainer into old milk cans. Here are some pictures of the action.

Can you figure out the puzzle on the pink t-shirt? The first picture is a mole. Then, a donkey or (*ss) times 2! Get it! So cute! And my aunt, the hostess with the mostest.

My cousin Kelli with her college friend, Jenny, who drove all night and slept in her car to make the big day.

Family pictures...
Kurt and Jaci

Uncle Mart, Uncle Jim, Daddy and Aunt Doris

Mom and Aunt Doris


The terrible twos, except they're three now. In case anyone from PETA ever reads this blog, these two did not, repeat did not, throw huge walnuts at the prize Belgians.

There is never a day too busy to work in some crafts.

Thanks Jim and Cathy! We all had a great time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Benton doesn't tell us much about preschool. The only friend he mentions on a regular basis is Spence. Excitement ran high this week when the mailman delivered an invitation to Spence's birthday party.

Unfortunately, the party is a few weeks away. The way Benton understands time, it might as well be in 2017. My patience was wearing a little thin in the wake of the many, many questions about this big event.

Benton let the topic drop for a little while. We were sitting at dinner when Benton hopped out of his chair and announced he needed to go in the backyard for something. He returned with his much loved (and almost new) baseball bat, tee and ball. He handed them to me and said, "Wrap these for Spence."

I responded, "Do you want to give Spence your new baseball stuff?"

Benton, "Yes, for Spence." He left the room and then brought his very dear Spiderman velcro wallet. "Wrap these for Spence."

I hope I never forget this brief look into his sweet, giving heart.

GO t U l S A!!!

The TU football team played its home opener last Saturday. We all loaded up and went to watch the game. Benton insisted on bringing his American flag to the game. He almost forgot it in the car, but went back and retrieved it at the last moment. After a hike to the stadium, climbing up to our section, and then scooting past several people to our seats, Benton sat down, waved his flag, and yelled, "You can do it!" Repeatedly.

Audrey agreed to go to the game because she thought it was a good photo opportunity. She made sure her dad brought a camera and staged her best shots.

TU won big. Everyone was happy.