Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Audrey is quite comfortable with life and death. (Maybe all six year olds are, she's my first.) One evening a few months ago, the TV was on Animal Planet. The show was in the African plains and showed a tiger run down some rabbit and bite down on it. I immediately asked Lee to turn the channel.

Audrey turns to me, shrugs, and says, "Mom, that's its prey."

Well, glad we have that settled.

Yesterday, my family got together for the holiday weekend. Part of the day included my mom and my uncle decorating gravesites for my grandparents and other relatives. Audrey was fascinated to tag along.

She came home full of information about all of the interesting names she saw. She is named for my grandmother, so it was exciting to find her middle name on the "big rock". There were other great stories about relatives and then one random headstone with the last name, "Tinkle." Lots of jokes for the rest of the evening on that one. Her burning questions after the trip, "How big is Elvis' rock? And when can I go to Memphis and see it?"

Sunday afternoon -- after church, lunch, rest, crafts, etc. -- we were both having a snack at the table. Audrey pipes up, "Mom, I guess you have to be careful when you fall in love."

In my mind, "Oh my goodness, she has been listening! She knows how important it is to find some kind, Christian young man to start a family with, and one her mother approves of!! I AM a good mother after all."

But out loud I respond, "Why is that?"

Audrey, "Tinkle."

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Lerin said...

Tracy, she is HILARIOUS! I can't believe how much she and Sophie are alike... I guess being raised together for a couple of years may have something to do with it. ;)

She really is so smart. I love hearing stories about her. I miss you all so much!