Monday, June 8, 2009

Golf Camp

There is a public golf course less that two miles from our house. The course is having a golf camp this week for kids Audrey's age. It's four mornings, two hours a morning, not that expensive. Lee asked Audrey if she was interested. Of course, she's intersted.

To prepare her for the week, Lee took her to the driving range Saturday and Sunday this weekend. She's hooked. She likes her driver the best. In her words, "It's the best because I get to do a full swing, use a tee, and it's shiny and red." I'm pretty sure this is how Tiger selects his clubs.

This all seemed like innocent fun until she returned this morning from camp. One of the instructors told her that her clubs are too short. (Sidenote: They were purchased for Benton's birthday, but held back in the midst of gift overload.) And, all the other kids have bags for their clubs, and golf gloves and cool hats.

So tonight, we went shopping and spent exactly DOUBLE the cost of the camp on a new set of clubs with a matching bag, new glove and cool pink hat. Benton now is the sole owner of the original short clubs (without a bag!) and new green golf hat from the pro shop.

Truth be told, I don't think there is a price her daddy would not have paid for this. He's pretty proud...and aware that he will never have a quiet afternoon alone at the golf course again!


Lerin said...

Oh my goodness... your kids melt my heart into a gooey puddle!!!

What a special thing for Lee to share with the kids. Such a great Daddy. :)

Colleen said...

I'm happy for them, but I just don't understand the appeal of golf ;)